seenetSeeNet™ is a near “real-time” Web-enabled network and system performance monitoring software. This single package provides an intuitive graphical representation of mission critical networks, systems, and applications, while providing situational awareness, performance metrics, and utilization data. SeeNet provides an in-depth view of network topology, utilization, availability, and network packet information, including top talkers, listeners, protocols, IP pairs, application ports, and multicast traffic. Through the use of Cisco NetFlow, SeeNet monitors, captures, and analyzes multicast traffic allowing users to pinpoint trends, anomalies, problems, and bottlenecks, throughout an enterprise network.

In addition to traffic monitoring and analysis, SeeNet provides a comprehensive server performance monitoring capability. Systems administrators can remotely monitor CPU load, memory usage, disk utilization, processes, Windows services, network adapter performance, and email and web statistics.

SeeNet retains wealth of information in the relational database, readily available to be exported to external systems via custom Web Services utilizing SOAP/XML or Java Servlets. Currently, SeeNet provides data feed to OPNET VNE Server, a modeling and simulation tool designed to perform “what-if” scenarios and contingency analysis.

In a nutshell, SeeNet is a user friendly, highly functional, low cost, software product that provides “single source,” near “real-time” server, network and system monitoring. SeeNet identifies redundancies and shortfalls; increases efficiency and availability, while simultaneously reducing cost.