Enterprise Architecture is a methodology for integrating and standardizing infrastructure (IT software, hardware and services) across autonomous business units with the purpose of aligning organizational strategy, business processes, Information technology hardware and software, and IT spending. As such, enterprise architecture allows traceability from the business strategy down to the underlying technology.

SoftConcept Inc. provides comprehensive enterprise architecture management platform that guides senior management decisions by aligning business and technology strategies. Our goal is simple; breaks down your business into its essential components to enable you to design and build the right Enterprise Architecture for your needs. Our architectural solution is based on result-oriented competencies and methods to create, implement, update and manage a business and technology roadmap that enables adaptive enterprise operations. It helps you align business processes, manage information lifecycles, rationalize applications, and restructure infrastructures to create real business value.

By standardizing on IT infrastructure, organizations are able to:

  • Share resources and development across previously disparate IT systems and investments.
  • Share user populations, data access and analytics.
  • Deliver a single-version-of-the-truth to all business users, IT professionals, and executives across the organization and beyond to customers, prospects and partners.
  • Synchronize multi-function and cross-department IT investments.
  • Develop long-term IT investments that embrace extensibility and maintainability.
  • Welcome project growth as the number and usage of applications increase.
  • Encourage and easily adapt to expanding data volumes and user numbers.